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Clinic Owner and Medical Aesthetician

Susan Khalili


I was born to take care of people, I was born to treat people and to share my knowledge of skincare. I love beauty and what it does for women and men, the way they look at themselves in the mirror, how it can renew a fading self-confidence. Skincare that goes beyond the outside and shines from inside the soul. I’ve been treating clients in the Aesthetics industry for over 2 decades. Fresh, flawless, glowing skin is what I help clients achieve by teaching them how to take care of their skin, without being complicated. Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be difficult or tricky- with regular in-clinic treatments, and a solid at-home skincare regime, its within your reach.

Since graduating from Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences and Spa Management in 1999, I have worked in the clinical skin care industry doing Aesthetics, alongside top Cosmetic Physicians in Toronto.  In 2012 I opened my first clinic, a state of the art full renovated luxury clinic attached to my residence.  I treated clients there for several

My career began as a cosmetic laser technician for LCI Lasercom, the first Canadian company to open a chain of clinics in Ontario and Quebec specializing strictly in Laser Hair Removal.

From 2001 – 2005, my skin care knowledge and passion ignited while working for Dr. L. Herman and renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Conrad. I owe my work ethic, high moral principals, and high standards in hygiene and professionalism to these two role models. My passion and skillset for skin landed me a teaching position at the Canadian Beauty College in Newmarket, where I taught Medical Aesthetics for one year.


Ellie Hajebi

Ellie Hajebi

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a Nurse Practitioner Student, Registered Nurse and a certified Aesthetic injector.

I have been an RN for over 20 years. My nursing background includes paediatric Bone Marrow Transplant and community care coordinator. I have been practising as an Aesthetic injector for over 4 years and at the same time attending school for my Master of Nursing – Primary Care Nurse Practitioner degree.

I have a passion to help patients feel healthy, happy and confident in their own skin in the most natural way.

My goal is to also break the stigma of aesthetic injections and show my patients that cosmetic injections can be both natural and impactful at the same time.


Laser Technician

Irene Yee

Irene Yee
Office Manager

Rob Abrari

Rob Abrari

Having worked in a corporate environment for several decades, I understand the importance of customer care and quality assurance.

I have committed to helping The Derma Lounge excel in their customer service experience. I foresee and manage product orders, accounting, vendor relations and overall flow and management of the clinic. We strive to ensure that all clients are happy and satisfied with their services and products here at The Derma Lounge.

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