Where exceptional skin begins

Where exceptional skin begins

Where exceptional skin begins



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Susan Khalili

Skin Care Therapist/ Skin Guru

I was born to take care of people, I was born to treat people and to share my knowledge of skincare. I love beauty and what it does for women, the way they look at themselves in the mirror, how it can renew a fading self-confidence. Skincare that goes beyond the outside and shines from inside the soul. I’ve been treating clients in the Aesthetics industry for over 2 decades.

Experience The Derma Lounge

This is where exceptional skin begins.
All skin is different. Our philosophy is to make you feel more confident in your own skin. We create tailor-made customized skincare plans, using our expert knowledge and by listening to the client, we ensure each client receives the highest level of service and results possible. At the Derma Lounge our differences are celebrated, and we welcome everyone with zero judgement.

Reveal Your Best Skin

Everyone’s skin is unique. That is why we customize all of our treatments individually to cater to each person’s distinct skin type and concerns. Using tried-and-true methods plus state-of-the-art technology, all treatments are carried out in our modern and cozy clinic located in the heart of downtown Aurora, Ontario.


What basic products are essential for everyone to have in his or her skincare routine?

  • Daily wash that is appropriate for your skin type
  • Sunscreen with minimum SPF 30
  • Antioxidant that assists in repair and protection of skin against DNA damage
  • Anti-aging product (cream/serum) that is appropriate for skin type and age

How often should you exfoliate?

  • Not too often, 1-2 times in a week is sufficient.

Do you need a different skincare regimen for morning and evening?

  • YES! Morning regimen should be all about protecting your skin from environmental factors.  While evening regimen should focus on repairing the skin for optimal health.

What’s the best treatment for dark spots also known as hyper-pigmentation?

  • The best treatment is driven by the cause of the pigmentation. For example: Sun damage responds well to laser treatments, whereas hormonal spots and melasma often respond better to Peels and topical.

Can your diet have an effect on Acne?

  • To a degree, yes. Foods with high glycemic (high in sugar) content can cause hormonal changes in the body leading to inflammation.  Inflammation can exacerbate Acne.

Which areas of the body need the most attention?

  • The same attention should be given to the face, neck, décolleté, and hands, where signs of aging are often visible.

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