What is IPL and how does it work?
  • Alpha’s advanced contact cooling control allows more effective, safe, and comfortable IPL treatments.

  • A temperature change by only 5ºC increments can have a dramatic impact on the energy-tissue interaction.

Who is a good candidate for a IPL treatment?

Treats all skin types……

IPL is most effective on white, untanned skin. A good candidate for this type of treatment would be a person with blotchy, sun-damaged or discolored skin. Those suffering from rosacea will see tremendous results as well.

What results can be expected and how soon after the treatment will I see results and can I return to my regular activities?

How well IPL works can depend on what you want the treatment to target.

Redness: After one to three treatments, light therapy can get rid of 50%-75% of broken blood vessels for most people.

If rosacea causes your face to flush, IPL can be a good alternative to laser therapy. You may have better results if:

  • You’re under 40
  • Your condition is moderate to severe

Sun damage: You may see 70% less of the brown spots and redness caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Acne: IPL may help if you have acne or the scarring it causes. You may need about six sessions to notice a difference.

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