Susan, I just wanted to thank you for helping my skin stay consistent and making it so much better! I used to get a blemish here and there but that’s all gone now. I’m glad I stuck with your skin care regimen and forever grateful for you working closely with me to achieving the best skin I can possibly imagine! I love all the compliments I get! Thank you, Thank you!

Mya H.

I can’t believe the amazing results I’ve had so far with micro-needling with Susan! She has treated my acne scarring with only two treatments and I’m already seeing an improvement. They look more shallow. I can’t wait to finish my series and be able to forgo the heavy foundation for good.
Heather B.

I started my laser hair removal treatments with Susan 10 years ago. I had the best result, with the first treatment all my hair was gone and 10 years later nothing has come back. Prior to knowing Susan, I tried different spas and doctors for the same purpose, but none of them worked. They were also much more expensive then what Susan offered. She is honest, considerate, professional, reasonable, punctual, and compassionate, the list can go on! If I have to do the treatments again I will choose her again, I trust her completely and recommend her to anyone.

Nancy K.

I found The Derma Lounge and Susan through a friend of mine and it was the best decision I ever made! I have tried so many other places to try to remove my unwanted hair, but nothing was working. After only 3 treatments so far I have seen a drastic decrease in hair growth. My skin is now so much softer and no more razor bumps! Susan is so patient with me, she is gentle but also firm when needed, I can be a huge chicken when it comes to pain. This is not “pain-free” laser, but it’s working better than any of the other treatments I’ve had in the past, and I will continue to do treatments until I am hair free! 

Vanessa S.

My experience at The Derma Lounge was excellent. It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere. I have great results with the laser hair removal. Susan is professional and explains everything prior to the service. It’s a very clean place and she goes the extra mile to ensure you feel comfortable. She’s very knowledgable and experienced, I would highly recommend.

Marisa R.

I was referred to Susan from a co-worker of mine. When I went for my consultation in April of 2016, I immediately felt a connection with Susan. She was very informative and knowledgeable, and had answered all of my questions with ease. Not only did she show how passionate she was about her work, she made me feel comfortable with her on a personal level. Each laser session I have done with Susan has exceeded my expectations. Since the beginning, Susan has allowed me to ask questions, express concerns, change appointments, and communicate easily with her at all times. I have already referred friends to Susan, and will continue to do so for anyone that is looking for permanent laser hair removal!

Dayna H.

My overall experience with The Derma Lounge has been great. I cannot express how thrilled I am with the services provided. The staff are incredible and very genuine. The treatments and the daily regimens that are provided by Susan are specific to the conditions that are needed to be focused on in order to see results faster. I highly recommend for anyone who is struggling with acne or scarring.

Weida A.

I have been coming to see Susan long before The Derma Lounge had been established. I first met Susan in 2007 and she has been my aesthetician ever since. She is very knowledgeable and is up-to-date with new products. This is one of the many reasons why I continue to go The Derma Lounge, I know that I am receiving up-to-date quality care. I have had acne basically my entire life and for the first time, my acne is now controlled with visibly reduced marks. Susan offers a variety of services including laser hair removal as well. I have tried various locations, spas and laser machines. My first laser appointment with Susan I noticed immediate results. She does not advertise “immediate results” but, I am telling you as a client I noticed results right away. The Derma Lounge is available outside business hours, if I ever have a question Susan makes herself available. She also calls me post new treatment to make sure I am okay and to check in on me. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my care and their customer service. I have also recommended clients to The Derma Lounge who can say the same. This company is amazing and I recommend it.

Thusa M.

My relationship with Susan started a few years back when we first met and spoke about the Esthetics industry. I was quickly impressed by her knowledge, experience in the field, and the work she had done with Physicians and Dermatologists. I have been in the beauty industry for many years and I will say this, “I have never met anyone with integrity and professionalism as I have in Susan”. You can imagine that I have been very hesitant in trusting estheticians, as I know too much about services provided by novice practitioners in the field that call themselves “Medical Estheticians” who claim to have proper training. I knew very quickly that Susan was the person I could trust with my treatments.

Susan will first have a lengthy consultation with you about your concerns and priorities for your skin. No treatments on the first appointment. It’s all about getting to know you. I love this! This shows that she is really invested in your well-being and wants to partner with you on this journey to achieving great skin. It is really important for Susan that you are completely comfortable and understand the treatments of your choice. No one does this properly. It’s always about “Sales.” I have been extremely happy with my results and treatment choices recommended by Susan who has literally changed my life! I have recommended many friends and people that have shared frustrations about services gone wrong and they too have become very happy clients. Trust me, you will not regret your decision to meet with her.

Ximena P.

Susan is extremely knowledgeable and very skilled at what she does. I first started going to her for laser treatments on my face and I couldn’t be happier with the results. There is little to no regrowth and my skin is much clearer. I am now seeing her for laser hair removal treatments for my underarms, full bikini, and legs and am seeing fantastic results after just one treatment. Thank you Susan!

Katerina T.

I am a client of Susan’s for the past year. I am so grateful for finding Susan as my skin has never looked better, it glows! I have been having OxyGeneo treatments to help reduce brown spots from acne marks. In just 4 treatments I have noticed a great improvement in the visibility of my brown spots that have almost disappeared. I don’t have to cake on the foundation and can have a more natural look. Susan’s bedside manner makes me feel like I’m at the spa. Her attention and care to detail for me makes me feel so welcomed and cared for. Susan answers all my questions and always checks in with me after treatments to ensure my satisfaction. I never feel rushed. I’m a “lifer” with Susan! Never giving you up. Love you Susan.

Fahreen D.

Susan is an amazing woman! She really cares for your needs and makes sure you see results. I have been to so many laser clinics and nothing worked. I was very reluctant to try laser again due to fail attempts but after seeing my cousin’s results, I had to give it a try. From the first treatment I saw a big difference, I couldn’t believe it! Honestly, having facial hair as a woman is really embarrassing, so going to Susan was a life changing experience. I can now say I am hair free. She has great customer service and she is very patient. Thank you, Susan for giving me my confidence back!

Ganeitchka T.

I always have an excellent experience and results at The Derma Lounge. I have had laser hair removal before at many other locations and was somehow never satisfied either with the results or the hygiene of the people operating the machines or cleanness of the environment. I never imagined finding someone so clean, professional and neat. This place always sparkles, and you can always see her sterilizing her instruments. Also, everyone is so nice and respectful to the point that I can literally call them friends. Even though The Derma Lounge is far from where I live (sometimes it takes me a good hour to drive to their location), I gladly make the trips every time since I’m so pleased with all the results. 

Yalda D. </p> <p>

A friend had recommended me to Susan for laser hair removal, and I am so grateful that she did. Susan made me feel instantly comfortable during my consultation. She answered all my questions honestly without any pressure to book any further appointments. The Derma Lounge was meticulously clean and Susan made my treatments, from start to finish, comfortable. She really cares about her clients. She followed up with me instantly to find out how I was doing. I am over the moon delighted with my experience and my results from my laser hair removal. I no longer have to shave, pluck, or wax. I have recommended all my friends that are looking for a permanent hair removal treatment to Susan at Derma Lounge. She is absolutely wonderful, and I am grateful to her for her professionalism and for my newfound freedom of unwanted hair.

Natasha T.

I went to The Derma Lounge because I was concerned with the texture and appearance of my skin, particularly on my neck and face. I had little spots on the left side of my face and the skin on my neck was starting to look more wrinkly. I went to see Susan and she customized a series of facial and laser treatments to help with my issues. After the first treatment I noticed a huge difference. She also provided valuable education towards a tailored at-home regimen to help keep my skin radiant and bright. I am so grateful with the personal attention and care I receive from her! I highly recommend The Derma Lounge.

Karen M.

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