The Consultation

Never Underestimate The Importance of a Good Consult.

Everyone does it, but no does it like us.

At The Derma Lounge, the feeling of being empowered, inspired with trust and confidence in choosing us and choosing “you” by investing in your skin, is immenant.  Each and every client will be guided along their skin care journey and our consultation is an opportunity to ask any questions, to talk about specific  skin concerns one may have, and to have Susan assess your skin and skin care regime and how to move forward to achieving the healthy skin everyone deserves.

Whether it is a resolution to complex issues such as Acne or an Anti-Aging preventative plan, we will be able to advise the right approach your individual skin type. At consultation stage, different skin care treatment plans and options will be provided.

Routine follow-ups are always offered and we are always contactable to answer any queries or concerns clients may have.

Here’s What to Expect:

A Conversation

We begin the journey of embarking on achieving the healthiest, glowing, and youthful skin possible, with a sit-down conversation, in which we get a clear picture of your lifestyle and cleansing routine as it pertains to your skin. We ask that you bring with you all the of the products you are currently using on your skin, which will help Susan understand the health of your skin and where to go next.

During the assessment, your concerns and challenges with your skin will be brought to light through a series of questions, so that we may tailor our treatment plan to your skin. Every single client has a personal, customized skin treatment plan, one that only an experienced Aesthetician could create, that will ultimately maximize your skin’s beauty and potential to be skin that is envied.

A Teachable Moment

Being that Susan spent some time teaching at local beauty colleges, and that she is a natural-born educator, one of the more important components of our consultation process is educating our clients. Educating the clients is important for several reasons, the most important being so they can understand the importance of a CONSISTENT skincare regime.  Another reason education is our top priority is because we need you the client to understand why you are seeing certain concerns, so we may then address those concerns, and therefore what is happening to the skin.  At the Derma Lounge our goal is to educate so that our clients understand the “what” and the “why” of the plan we have chosen, so that there is confidence in our chosen plan of action. We will equip you with in-depth knowledge of the procedures and products that will be used in your customized treatment plan and answer any of your questions or concerns with patience and care.

Plan of Action

There’s no guessing here.  A skincare plan is created and we are with you every step of the way.  During this conversation we will give you all the specifics of each treatment prescribed, the specifics of each at-home-care product we recommend, and how these work in combination to tackle the root cause of these issues, eliminating them and working together towards glowing, iridescent skin.

Once we have had a consultation, a timeline is established that you are comfortable with to start our plan of action.  Susan’s approach to getting envyable-skin is gradual, consisting of first getting the skin ready for treatments with active at-hom-products regular treatments that compound over time producing the most effective and aesthetically pleasing enhancements.

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Your Skin.

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