What is Laser Hair Removal and how does the procedure work?

Our laser reduces hair growth by emitting gentle pulses of energy through the skin into the hair follicle. The laser light is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle called melanin. The light then changes to heat energy destroying the follicle at its root. Hence, preventing the hair from growing back. 

Who is a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

The results vary from client to client, however those with medium to dark hair see better results that those with light coloured hair.  The colour and thickness of your hair, area treated, type of laser used, the colour of your skin, hormonal imbalances and taking certain medication all affect the results.

What results can be expected and how soon after the treatment will I see results and can I return to my regular activities?

You can expect a ten to twenty percent reduction in hair after the first treatment. Most clients need two to six laser treatments. Laser hair removal is considered as a time-sensitive procedure. You should see a significant reduction in hair growth within 30-45 days.  There will be some temporary side effects after the treatment such as redness and swelling, which usually is resolved within a few hours or a couple of days depending on the sensitivity of each individual’s skin. The stubbles on the treated area will fall out in about one week and can last until three weeks post treatment. Exfoliating can help speed up this process.

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