What is DermaGold® Botox Facial and how does the Procedure work?

The DermaGold® Botox Facial uses a micro-needling system with 24 gold-plated, very-fine needles, to painlessly deliver a cocktail of custom solutions into the skin, just under the dermis.

At The Derma Lounge, The DermaGold® Botox Facial Facial may involve distributing Dysport, Xeomin, and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers just below the skin, to hydrate and smooth out fine lines and minimize pores.  We also use Dermatherapy Cocktails – a customized cocktails of vitamins, peptides and enzymes created and added to the Dermagold treatment to improve pigmentation, uneven skin colour, acne scarring, stretch marks, dark circles under the eyes to name a few.

Susan and Dr. Vanessa will work together to create the best The DermaGold® Botox Facial treatment that addresses YOUR personal skin concerns, and you will leave with glowing, radiant, youthful skin as you’ve never experienced before with no downtime.


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